Muslimish Freethinkers

is a new podcast, created in December 2017, that is dedicated to fostering conversations on matters of faith and disbelief

Episode 1: A Verse from the Quran

The creation of the universe — Determinism — Free will — Purity — Verse 4:34 (hint: It’s about women)

All of these are ideas in the Quran that are discussed in the first podcast episode by 5 Muslimish members. In the spirit of our mission, we were open to questioning anything and everything.

Episode 2: Orientalism by Edward Said – Muslimish Detroit Book Club

To what degree does the West create a monolith of the “Orient” and present a one-dimensional view of Middle Eastern peoples, histories, and cultures? And to what extent does this critique of the West also silence important introspection on much needed advancements in the Arab and Muslim world? Listen to members of Muslimish Detroit give their book review of Orientalism by Edward Said.

Episode 3: Prayer and Menstruation

This week we discuss our personal experiences with “Salaat,” Islam’s unique form of ritualized prayer, and a central and required pillar of the faith. However, we focus on a dark side of the ritual: purity rules that prevent menstruating women from praying and exclude them from political and religious participation. We also delve into the topic of personalizing prayer (making it less ritualistic and more meaningful). Imagine orienting your prayer towards the black hole at the center of our universe instead of the black Kaaba in Saudi Arabia. Listen to us share our stories and learn more about Islamic prayer.

Episode 4: Prayer – Empty or Meaningful?

The Islamic prayer is obligatory and highly standardized. This can be appealing to some as an easy route towards communal belonging and participation but unappealing to others as a repetitive and forced task that disrupts the day. Yet another choice also exists. What if, instead of blindly adopting our rituals, we make them fit us better? Would prayer become more meaningful? Join us for this second installment in our discussion on prayer.

Episode 5: Interview with Iraqi-American playwright Heather Raffo

World renowned playwright and actor Heather Raffo joins Muslimish for a discussion on her life and her work. As an Iraqi-American during the Gulf Wars, Raffo discusses the changes she witnessed in the country, the bonds developed with her Iraqi family, and subsequently the writing of her acclaimed play, 9 Parts of Desire. She shares her experience putting forward an Iraqi protagonist in a highly political American context and reflects on the importance of platforming Iraqi women’s voices in a human and “soulful” way. She is now performing her new play titled Noura about an Iraqi immigrant family living in New York, loosely based on Ibsen’s A Doll’s House. Tune into the conversation to hear more!

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