Muslimish Freethinkers

is a new podcast, created in December 2017, that is dedicated to fostering conversations on matters of faith and disbelief

Episode 1: A Verse from the Quran

The creation of the universe — Determinism — Free will — Purity — Verse 4:34 (hint: It’s about women)

All of these are ideas in the Quran that are discussed in the first podcast episode by 5 Muslimish members. In the spirit of our mission, we were open to questioning anything and everything.

Episode 2: Orientalism by Edward Said – Muslimish Detroit Book Club

To what degree does the West create a monolith of the “Orient” and present a one-dimensional view of Middle Eastern peoples, histories, and cultures? And to what extent does this critique of the West also silence important introspection on much needed advancements in the Arab and Muslim world? Listen to members of Muslimish Detroit give their book review of Orientalism by Edward Said.

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